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What is missing in Salema …. well not much … but definitely being able to buy images of this very special place.    It’s personal to all of us …. it might be the beach … the ocean …. the reflections as the sun goes down …. the sunsets … the narrow, winding streets …. the doors ….. the boats.   We decided to collect a gallery of images and want to share them with you ….   we hope the memories come flooding back.

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We specialize in Salema.

Take a look at our high quality images of the Algarve coast which focuses on the small fishing village of Salema. There are lots of images to choose, ranging from the stunning golden coastline to the cobble streets which help to form the beautiful view around the village.


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Our photos are like no other.

We have the highest quality image of Salema with the best selection of photos for you. Our range is extensive starting at old photos of the village to modern images of the golden coastline that makes Salema so popular.  

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Check out out stunning photos of the sunsets around Salema. These are sure to not disappoint with beautiful sunsets around the village.

The Beach

Have a glance at our amazing beach photography as photographers from around the world have captivated its beauty over the years.


The caves show the variety of the activities that can be explored around Salema. Have a look at the deep blue sea and epic land formations.

“Salema photos offers incredible customer service and the photos come out amazing! I would be sure to recommend them to anyone wanting imagery of the beautiful area around Salema.”

Gillian Dunn